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Acryl on canvas

Series of paintings to be watched with 3D glasses.

The deer in the artificial city is a metaphor for deep emptiness and loneliness.

These "Errors" in our lives are highlighted by the partial use of 3D techniques in the paintings.



  • "Das Ewig Neue", Commerzbank, Mannheim, Deutschland, 2017 "

  • Scope Session #59, Berlin, Deutschland, 2016

  • “Gdańskie Biennale Sztuki” (Danzig Kunst Biennale), Gdańska Galeria Sztuki, Danzig, Polen, 2016

  • “Art Breidenbach” Kunstmesse, Port 25, Mannheim, Deutschland, 2016

  • “Kunstpause” Vortrag, Kunsthalle Mannheim, Deutschland, 2016

  • 42. Painting Biennial "Bielska Jesień", BWA Gallery, Bielsko-Biala, Poland, 2015

  • "Truc Troc" exhibition of competition finalists at the Centre for Fine Arts BOZAR, Belgium, 2015

  • International Art Exhibition "NordArt" in Kunstwerk Carlshütte, Büdelsdorf, Germany, 2014

  • "Error_" a solo Exhibition, Art Factory Brussels, Belgium, 2014

  • "Merge" group exhibition, Brussels, Belgium, 2014

  • "Canvascollectie | Collection RTBF", the Centre for Fine Arts BOZAR, Brussels, Belgium, 2012

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